Sunday, November 20, 2011

Some family blogs for Thanksgiving week

This is a time of thankfulness, and to begin my week of thankfulness I am going to feature some family blogs. Some I have featured before and some are new.

A very new blog is one just started by my niece, Kristen, "City Girl Gone Ranch Mama." Kristen lives with her husband and four children in the very wild and cold reaches of Montana on a guest ranch. Her husband is the General Manager of the ranch.  She is an excellent writer and I believe you will enjoy her hair-raising stories. The first covers a lot of snow-or is it the snow covers a lot of ground.

Kristen's brother Wes Andersen, on the other hand, has a blog that he has maintained for a long time. If you remember and know of the comic strip Mary Worth and like satire you will enjoy this one. It is called "Mary Worth and Me," and the best thing to do is explore it.

Another blog written by my grandson, Ethan McHenry, is "Ducks with hats." Ethan is in his second year at California Maritime Academy part of the California university system, but a university which teaches both the piloting of and the engineering on ships. (And I have a feeling my grandson is going to laugh at that sentence.) You can watch a news video about it on his front page. Ethan is a great photographer so go through the postings with an eye on his pictures. But read them too.

And finally, there is the blog of my granddaughter Melissa, the granddaughter who is an artist and writer. "A Freeform Life" is a blog, Melissa started sometime before she and her husband, Spencer, attempted to relocate to New York City. God seemed to have other plans but they had a great cross country trip, until they got to New York. They now are again living in Sacramento, raising chickens (three) and thinking about farming-well Melissa is... anyway enjoy because Melissa is such a great writer.

In fact, here is a paragraph from her last posting, "I meant it! but I am a heartless meany" :
Spence and I ordered the Saint James Daily Devotional Guide, [that is what I use] and it finally came a week ago, but the devotions don’t start until December 4th. I am itching to get at that thing. Even though Spence and I met at a Bible study, and used to host one at our house some years ago, we’ve never done a devotional or study just the two of us. It sounds so nice to sit together and read that Good Book. It’s fun to read any book as a couple, to laugh at the same funny spots and commentate on it to each other. But it’s extra nice to talk about Jesus and His book, and laugh at it’s funny spots (“Hey, I’m alive again–and look, I made you breakfast”), and ponder over the troubling ones together too. Cause He’s the third party of our marriage, and our best friend, and our King, though we ignore Him half the time to our own detriment.

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