Monday, August 22, 2011

A huge protest in London against Israel? Really? Up-date

In a day I leave for the Fellowship meeting in Minneapolis, when I return I will have only five days to put my 50th wedding anniversary party together. I should stop blogging for awhile and I intend to but I did want to write about a protest parade against Israel in the streets of London. The YouTube video that the Israel/Palestine Mission Network of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) placed on their Facebook page stated that thousands marched. In fact the IPMN quotes the video with this:
"Thousands of people have marched through central London to denounce Israel for brutalising the Palestinian people. The marchers urged a political and economic boycott of Israel and pressed Arab countries to isolate the Zionists."

Did you hear about it?

Well, if not that is understandable, it was only in the Iranian Press TV news and sites like Shia TV.  The video comes from Iranian reporters. And there is another perspective on it. But first the video.

The other perspective is on a blog called “For a secular democratic Iran. For Peace and Prosperity in the Middle East.” And the blog is for those who would like their government to change. The posting is: We Stand Against ALL Dictators.

There is a lot of interesting information here, including:
There was something different about the Al-Quds march this year. First of all the number of participants were remarkably less than previous years. After waiting for one hour, at the Portland Place, where the marchers gathered for more busloads to arrive, the policeman I spoke to put the best estimate of their numbers at around 300 max.
And in case you don’t understand what the march is about there is this:
Most people we managed to speak to had no idea the march was organised by the Iranian regime and most of the ones who we managed to speak to, decided not to join the march, like these two Irish friends of Palestine who decided to leave after they realised the Al-Quds march was a propaganda march sponsored and organised by the Islamic Republic of Iran.
I am aware that one of the persons who places links on the IPMN is someone who was born in Iran and lived there as a child so I am surprised that she did not know that this was a government sponsored protest by a dictator and clerics who believe Israel should be obliterated. I simply do not understand why this keeps happening except of course humanity is immoral and depraved.

UP-DATE-I found this "Iranian sponsored anti-Israel march in London (updated)" at Elder of Ziyon. Please notice the signs that say "For world peace Israel must be destroyed."

See also-RichardMillett's Blog And his posting Lauren Booth: “Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt must liberate Jerusalem”.

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